Social housing register

When New Zealanders are in need of social housing, their needs are recorded on either the Housing Register or the Transfer Register. The numbers of applications on both registers are published on a quarterly basis, and the combined register is referred to as the Social Housing Register.

The Housing Register shows people who are not currently in social housing but who have been assessed as eligible for social housing. The Transfer Register shows people already in social housing but who have applied to be rehoused.

Housing Register

When New Zealanders with a serious housing need are assessed and found eligible for social housing, they are placed on the Housing Register. The number of people on this register and their priority rating is subject to change, as people come on and off the register and as their circumstances change.

Transfer Register

People who already live in social housing but have applied and are eligible to transfer to another social housing property are placed on the Transfer Register. Reasons for requesting a transfer may include health issues, or their current property being too small, too large, or in the wrong location.

Housing Quarterly Report

The Housing Quarterly Report provides key facts and data on Housing. The report is published quarterly and contains information on the housing support provided by the government, the supply of social houses, emergency and transitional housing, demand for social housing and the movement of people through the social housing system.