From 1 April 2016, Tāmaki Housing Association (Tāmaki Housing) became the new landlord for approximately 2,800 properties in Tamaki transferring from Housing New Zealand.


On 1 April 2016, all Housing New Zealand’s properties in the Tāmaki area were transferred to the Tāmaki Regeneration Company. Its subsidiary, the Tāmaki Housing Association, is now the landlord to residents in those properties.

To talk to your tenancy manager or report any maintenance issues please call the Tāmaki Housing Association on 0800 521 555.

The Ministry of Social Development will continue to assess your eligibility for public housing.

You must let the Ministry of Social Development know if there is a change to your, your partner’s or your family’s circumstances as this may affect:

  • how much rent you pay
  • your continued eligibility for public housing
  • the type of housing you are living in.

You can call the Ministry of Social Development on 0800 673 468 to discuss any changes to your circumstances, reviews to your income-related rent and decisions made about your rent.